Your Work Schedule

The Social Network Account Operator works daily, or a total of 5,5 days at minimum (meaning 11 4-hour shifts). This equals an 8-hour workday (because each shift consists of roughly 4 hours). We work on the weekends, holidays, and basically year-round, with no exception and days off can be usually given during the week. Hence, the bulk of work is conducted while North Americans are not working. Since there is a time difference between several countries -for example North America has 6 to 10 hours difference with Greece- depending of course on the geographic location of each state/province, there is a higher traffic workflow between 06:00-10:00 am and 19:00-23:00 (and later). This specific schedule is obligatory in the first period of working with us.

If you have a real appetite for work and are an individual that likes to communicate with a broad spectrum of people from various cultures, there are very good prospects for you at our company with this collaboration.

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