Based on the generated results of the majority of recorded payments in our system, payments have fluctuated between 650-1450 Euros based on the statistics that we have after 2-months of work. The system records and exhibits the money that is generated and credited to each operator. Of the total sum, 20% is retained for taxes and expenses, and the remaining 80% is shared equally between the management and the operator.

Hence the operator it receives 40% of the total amount generated during her month of work.

Indicatively, we will demonstrate how this operates by showcasing the money generated by two operators in the month of September 2015 (with respect to personal data, we will only use the first names of each operator and not their surnames):

The operator Anna received 40% of a total of $985,50 for correspondence, and 40% of a total of $1551,96 for chat, respectfully, (or $985,50 + $1551,96 x 40% = $1014,984).

Operator Anna payments

The operator Tina received 40% of a total of $ 1375,50$ correspondence and 40% of a total of $2280,60 for chat respectfully, (or $1375,50 + $2280,60 x 40% = $1462,44.


Payments are made via a foreign bank in US dollars. The currency is secure and is not affected by currency fuctuations in Greece. The payments are made via a banking account in Greece or abroad. Daily foreign currency rates also influence the total sum paid (from US to Euros). Payments are made once a full month is completed, in short they are made the following month (usually between the 20th-30th of each month). Example: The above payments for operators Anna and Tina - who demonstrated what they generated in September- were made between the 20-30th of October 2015.

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